Online Business Success

Creating sales opportunities from customer inquiries

Sandy Tam - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This tutorial is designed to give you an understanding of the Opportunities classification of Customers within the system. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to use opportunities to help you manage your sales.

Opportunities are used to track the potential value of a pending or hoped for sale to the customer. You would use Opportunities to assist in tracking and reporting on your sales pipeline.

When you pitch to a customer you should create a new opportunity for that customer. You should then manage the opportunity as it progresses through the various stages of sale.

By using Opportunities in conjunction with the Forecasting features built into the system, you can ensure a holistic view of your company's sales performance.

How to use the opportunities feature

Navigate to the applicable Customer record, and then select Customer sales Opportunities.....


Create a new opportunity by clicking on the Create New link.

Enter the opportunity's name under Opportunity, and specify its TypeStage and Description. Enter the probability of closing the deal, as well as the value of this opportunity.

Once the deal is either won or lost, you should update the close date. Click Save & Finish to close the opportunity record.