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How to create a survey using our new Web Form builder

Sandy Tam - Saturday, March 15, 2014

We've had a lot of customers come to us asking how we implemented the survey using the system alone. The answer? Web Forms!

In this how-to article, we're going to run through the process of creating a survey on the system, using our new Web Form builder.

Building The Web Form

Step 1.Open up the new Web Form builder

Under Modules > Web Forms, you can get started with the new beta release of our Web Form builder by clicking "Try our new Webform Builder" from the Web Form list view.

Step 2. Select The Question Type

By default, the Web Form will already be set up to collect the title, name and email address of the user - so we'll just be dealing with the custom fields we'll use to collect the survey responses.

In the custom field section of the "Add New Items" window, select the input type for the question. In this case, we're going to create a Likert Scale survey, so we'll select the "List (Radio List)" option. You can use whatever type of input field you'd like, for example, if you want to collect qualitative feedback, use the "Text (Multiline)" option instead.

Step 3. Enter Your Questions

Under "Field Name", enter your first survey question and make sure you check the "Required" box to make answering mandatory.

Enter the list of answers (called "Items" in the Web Form builder) that you'd like the give the respondent to choose from, clicking the plus (+) button to add each new item.

Once you've finished with the question, click Save.

Your new question will appear in the realtime preview pane to the right. Repeat this process for each question you'd like to ask in your survey.

Step 4. Insert The Web Form On A Page

Once you've added your questions using the Web Form builder, it's simply a matter of inserting the form on a page for respondents to fill out.

You can either:

a) Use our 1-Click insert feature by selecting "Add Web Form to a web page" from the action box to the right

b) Grab the form markup and restyle it using your own HTML and CSS by choosing "Get Web Form HTML Code" from the action box.

Once you've inserted the form on a page, simply direct users to it's URL so they can fill it out.

Read more about our Web Forms feature here.

Gathering The Results

Step 1. Create A Customer Report

Once users have submitted their answers, you need to create a Customer Report in order to export the raw data. Under Reports > Create A Customer Report, click "Create A Customer Report" from the Action Box.

Step 2. Select "Customers & Cases"

Under "Report Type", select "Customers and Cases" so that the generated report will include both customer details and their survey responses.

Click "Next" to continue.

Step 3. Select the System Fields You Want To Include

Select the system fields (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) that you'd like to see in your report. In this example, we'll just select "Customer Name with Details" and "Email 1 (Primary)."

Once you've selected your fields, continue to the next step.

Step 4. Include Your Survey Web Form Results

Under "Filter by your own custom CRM forms and Fields", select your survey form from the drop-down menu and make sure that "Display all custom fields in report" in checked.

Step 5. Generate The Report

All that's left to do now is click the "Generate Report" button.

You'll be presented with a table of all the customers who submitted the survey form, and their answers.

Read more about Customer Reports here.

We suggest you export the data using the "Export To" button and use dedicated statistical software such as Microsoft Excel or SPSS to analyze the results in detail.