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Streamline Your Business Using Workflows

Oliver Giam - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Using Workflows to Streamline Your Business and Keep Your Customers Informed

Workflows are representations of your real-life business processes within your Online Business. As an example, you might have a simple 3 step online sales process as outlined below:

Did you know you can build a workflow inside your Online Business to automatically send notifications to the various people required to remind them to complete their step of the sales process. Not only do you email them but you can send an SMS as well. Your accounts department is notified to confirm the order, then your warehouse can build the order and finally, your shipping department receives a note to dispatch the order to your customer! Tick the 'Must Approve' box so each workflow step must be marked as completed by the person responsible before it progresses.

Must Approve

Workflows can be initiated automatically for webform submissions, order submissions, bookings and web page edits.

How Do You Use Workflows?

Workflows are located in your 'Admin' menu where you can click on 'Manage Workflows'. Here you'll be able to create workflows to model your business processes such as your Order-to-Dispatch process described above. For each step you'll need to specify how much time is allowed before escalation, who is responsible for the workflow, and who the workflow is escalated to if there is a problem. There is a detailed guide to setting up Workflows on our Online Business Wiki.

Send the Workflow Notification To 3rd Party Email Addresses

Notifications are by default sent to the Online Business users assigned to the workflow step but by ticking the 'Also Send Workflow Notification To' box you can send the notifications to 3rd party email addresses. This is useful if you have people in your organization who don't have Online Business logins but need to be informed that they have tasks to complete.

Dispatcher Notification

Keep Your Customers Informed As Workflow Steps Are Being Completed

As well as notifying your own employees you can tick the 'Send Workflow Message to Customer' box to send emails to the customer as their orders pass through the different steps of being fulfilled. For each different step you'll need to enter different custom content e.g when the goods are shipped and a 'Thank You' note is sent.

Workflow to Customer

As your employees complete each step of the workflow they can click on 'Quick Add' and then 'Approve Task' to send an automated notification to the customer that their order has progressed through the business process!

Order Workflow Customer Add and Task Approval

Customize the Automatic Notification Email

Don't forget you can customize the look and feel of the notification emails going to your customers by going to the 'Customize System Emails' option in the admin menu and clicking on '3rd Party Workflow Emails'. This is where you can create your own HTML email template complete with your own logo and branding.

Customize Customer Email Option

Use Workflows To Make Sure The Right People in your Organization Are Being Notified

Keeping your workers and customers informed at every step of your business processes means you'll be providing more timely and transparent customer service. Using Workflows, your business will be better organized and your customers will be more satisfied that they know the status of their order or inquiry all the way