DNS Management Tools: more options have been added


When you go to Admin > Manage Domain Name you'll see the interface has been updated to give you full control over the DNS settings for your site. Extra functionality has been added to allow you:

  1. Setup Domain Names - as with the previous DNS manager this allows you to add your own domain names choose whether you want to host your Domain name externally or re-delegate to your site.
  2. Forward Domains - Any of the domains and sub-domains that you setup on your site can be forwarded to other domains that are hosted on your site. You are now able to setup your www records to forward to your non-www records for your domains to solve canonical domain issues and stop search engines treating "http://domain.com" and "http://www.domain.com" as two different sites.
  3. Setup A records - create subdomains for your site and choose the start page for them. You'll also be able to choose the country and culture which will help in building multi-lingual sites with different subdomains.
  4. Setup CNAME records - will give you the ability to add any number of sub-domains and point them to externally hosted websites and services, or you can point them to another A record that you've created on your site
  5. Setup MX Records - setting up your sites to use an externally hosted mail service is a breeze now because you have the option to add your own MX records.
  6. Setup Advanced records- you can create TXT, SPF, SRV or AAAA records just by choosing a name, a TTL and entering in your record data.
With the canonical domain issue resolved, the ability to create sub-domains, and the ability point them to 3rd party services the new DNS tools are a great addition to the system!

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